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Scarce Silver-lines
Forewing length about 21mm
Usually larger than Green Silver-lines

Green Silver-lines
Forewing length about 18mm  

Black dotted cross-line below the white spot

Green Silver-lines and Scarce Silver-lines
Green Silver-lines occurs throughout the British Isles. Scarce Silver-lines only occurs in Wales and in England as far north as Yorkshire.

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Clay and White-Point. These are very similar in background colour and general appearance and both have a white spot at the position of the kidney mark.
Clay is resident and common.
White-Point is an immigrant which is sometimes seen in large numbers - particularly in the south.


Background colour patterned

Background colour plain

white spot bright and round or diamond shaped

white spot duller and dart shaped

Usually Green Silver-lines has 3 diagonal lines on each wing.

Sometimes only 2 diagonal lines are evident.

Lines are blurred

Lines are thin and sharply defined

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