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Hebrew Character is the only one of this group of moths with a long black mark near the middle of the trailing edge.

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Two small black marks near the base of the forewing.

Other Noctuids with similar markings

Autumnal Rustic

Hebrew Character and others - Noctuidae

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The Hebrew Character moth has a mark near the centre of the forewing like the Hebrew character Nunנ

There are also a number of species of the family noctuinae with very similar markings to it. The ones shown here are the most common of these.

The obvious differences are in the shape of the actual Hebrew Character.

There are also differences in the flight periods

Setaceous Hebrew Character

Indentation in the actual character goes nearly to the top and the bottom corner of the mark and is roughly an isosceles triangle.

Flight period May-October in the South (July-August in the North)

Double Square-spot

Indentation in the character does not droop and often bisects the hebrew character completely.

Flight period  June to early August.

 Marks like the ‘Hebrew character’ but marks are completely bisected.

A dark spot inside of the Oval Mark.  

Small Square-spot often has a white patch above the dark spot.

Ingrailed Clay

A very variable species

Small Square Spot - has no Hebrew Character mark but has the same dark spot as Ingrailed Clay

Flight period August-October

Flight period June - August.

Ingrailed Clay usually has a row of dark arrowheads inside the outer edge of the wing

Hebrew Character

Indentation in the actual character ‘droops’

Flight period March-Early May (to Early June in the North)

The Double Square-spot does not have any of the small black marks shown for Autumnal Rustic, Ingrailed Clay and Small Square Spot

Small Square Spot


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in See also comparison with Rustics.

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