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Photo of  Barred Sallow by Graeme Davis

Centre-barred Sallow

In Barred Sallow the wide central cross-band is narrower at the trailing edge of the forewing. Usually this cross-band is yellow but sometimes it is orange or red.

Sallows - Xyleninae

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A number of Noctuids are named ‘Sallows’. This may be because sallow (or willow) is one of the foodplants of the Sallow moth - Cirrhia icteritia. The others are probably named because they have similar colouring to the Sallow - with pink or purple markings on a yellow or orange background.

Four of these species do look rather similar :-
Sallow, Pink-barred Sallow and Centre-barred Sallow, Barred Sallow

There is a lot of variation within a species, particularly in the boldness of the markings.


Pink-barred Sallow

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Identify moths


There is usually a dark spot in the half of the kidney mark near the trailing edge of the forewing.

The head is yellow or orange and the ‘collar’ just behind the head is yellow or orange.

The ‘collar’ behind the head and often the head itself are purple.

In Centre-barred Sallow the dark central cross-band is clearly defined with a rectangular shape in the middle of the basal side of it.

Photo of Centre-barred Sallow by Liz and Philip Rapley

Barred Sallow