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Inner edge of outer crossband curves gently in leading half of wing

Inner edge of outer crossband is sinusoidal in leading half of wing

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1. Red twin-spot carpet, Dark-barred twin-spot carpet

These two species are very variable and difficult to distinguish by wing markings. The colour is not sufficient either. In particular there is an uncommon form of dark-barred carpet which is red.

The only wing characteristic which is thought to be reliable to distinguish these two species is the amount of colour in the area between the central band and the outer edge of the forewing, particularly round the twin spots

Red twin-spot carpet has more colour in the outer band

Dark-barred twin-spot carpet has very little colouring in the outer band, but be careful that this is not just a worn specimen.

Red twin-spot carpet tends to have bright white cross-lines on the edges of the dark central cross-band.

Any lines here on Dark-barred twin-spot carpet are usually duller.

2. Water Carpet, Broken-barred Carpet, Phoenix, Small Phoenix

Carpet moths with a brown cross-band at the base of the forewing (the ‘shoulder’) and a wide brown central cross-band. For this group wing length and flight period are helpful.

Phoenix Wing length 17-19mm - the largest of the moths in this group; flight period late June to August - later than Water Carpet

Small Phoenix Wing length 13-17mm flight period May to August

There is also the much less common Devon Carpet with almost identical markings to Water Carpet but smaller - wing length 12-14mm and flight period from mid-May onwards.(See Hantsmoths)

Broken-Barred Carpet Wing length 14-16mm. Flight period May to July

Edging to central band is clear white.

Central band is narrow or broken near the trailing edge of the forewing

Inner edging to central cross band is evenly curved with small ‘spikes’ projecting into the central band. In Phoenix and Small Phoenix there is one large spike.

Both Phoenix and Small Phoenix have dark, white-rimmed, sharp triangles in the outer band of the forewing.

There are two common forms of Small Phoenix :

One form has white lines across the central band, interrupting it

In the other form the central band is not interrupted by white lines but the base for the white lines is still there

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Water Carpet Wing Length 14-17mm flight period April, May only

Red twin-spot carpet

Dark-barred twin-spot carpet

Brown central cross-band does not have white lines going across it.

Carpets Page 2

Carpets Page 2

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