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Carpet Moths with a wide dark central cross-band and a grey or white background

Common Carpet

White cross-band beyond the central dark cross-band with a clear black line down the middle of it

Cross-bands continue evenly across forewing and hindwing

Garden Carpet

Dark central cross-band only dark partway across the forewing.

The rest of the band is grey or hardly visible

See also Wood Carpet - much less common than Common Carpet but does not have such a clear black line down the middle of the main white cross-band.

Silver-Ground Carpet

Background of the wings is clear white.

The ‘dark’ central band often has white patches on it and may be  quite a light brown.

Purple Bar

Purple Bar is similar to Silver Ground Carpet in having a white background

Prominent black spot or spots near the tip of the forewing

Dark central cross-band is wide and blue/purple rather than brown

Flame Carpet

Usually the central cross-band and other markings are clearly red.

Sometimes the markings are much duller.

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Carpets Page 1

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